I would like to thank you for Modular kitchen done at my house. You are the true professionals in this field and also bring the aesthetic values in bringing up the kitchen design so fast. Implementation of Modular kitchens and Service is simply great. Thanks Once again.

I.T. Professional

Our search for modular kitchen & wardrobes for our newly built house ended with Spyce kitchens. It was a pleasure to meet Murali & team and the way they came across with the kitchen design. The options shown were based on what we wanted in the kitchen. The whole focus was on the needs of the resident of the house rather than a forced option from the vendor. The quality & durability of the finished product is worth the amount spent. We are completely satisfied with the outcome. Finally the continued after sales support is really excellent. You don't have to worry about any broken hinges or screws. Everything will be taken care of with just a call away!!!"

Keep up the good work!

Shashi Shekar.B.S
I.T. Professional

About 20 months ago, I ordered a customized modular kitchen from Modular Life Styles in Bangalore for my upcoming house in Mysore. Myself and my wife visited their showroom several times to see samples and have detailed discussions with Mr. H.N.Murali, the owner of Spyce Kitchens. Together, we created the final design and a list of components for our modular kitchen. About a year back, the kitchen cabinets were installed and today our kitchen is an object of admiration and envy of all those who visit us.

Our kitchen is aesthetically beautiful, functionally very user-friendly and of a good quality. Price-wise it is moderately priced when compared to known brands. During our many interactions with Mr. H.N. Murali, we found him to be highly professional, knowledgeable, creative, innovative and helpful and, above all, very friendly, approachable and willing to accommodate ideas proposed to him and make changes. It was a pleasure to work with him. I have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone who is looking for a beautiful, fairly priced kitchen.

K.S. Ramesh

Our kitchen, wardrobes and utility area cabinets are all done by Spyce Kitchens about four years back. Till date we have not faced some of the Common problems everyone are facing like alignment, spacing, peeling off in edges, termites or ants problems.

To be honest we did not look for any other option other than Spyce Kitchens, because we are seeing them growing in this industry right from the day one. We are very much satisfied about their workman ship, designing, planning and mainly pricing also. They even spoke to our builders to do small changes which have helped us a lot in its utility and ergonomics. They even gave electrical and plumbing drawing and supervised the work which had little setbacks from the builder side. My entire family always appreciate and applaud Spyce Kitchens.

We wish them all the best in business.

Kumar Aragam
Computer Professional

Kitchen can be a very personalized space for someone & their friendly & personalized approach makes it more special which also makes them stand out from their competitors. I have personally experienced their products & services for my projects. I’m glad to mention this that, I have no regrets & would love to refer them to all my upcoming clients too. Mr.Murali & his team are efficient & quick in analyzing the needs of the customer & provide prompt & feasible solutions within the stipulated budgets. So those who are concerned about budgets should not get disappointed as they have variety of choices for materials, hardware, equipment & appliances too. So I’m sure no one would get disappointed once they are in the store.

I would call Spyce Kitchens as “PEOPLE‟S BRAND” & Mr.Murali as “BRAND AMBASSEDOR” for Quality, Comfort & elegance I would like to congratulate the entire team of "Spyce Kitchens‟ for their wonderful performance & success so far & wish a very bright future.

Warm Regards,

Ar.Aniket Sirpotdar
Managing Partner
Dsign Plus

Kitchen design is an art which involves technique and aesthetics. Ergonomics is paramount to the design of a kitchen if you don’t want to invoke the wrath of the woman of the house.

We have used the services of Spyce kitchens in a couple of our projects and the women in the home are quite happy. Thank Murali.H.N and his team for understanding the requirements of the owners and then submitting a design which enhances the dream of the user and deliver the same on time.

Kham design definitely endorses the services of Spyce kitchens.

Kham Design

I was introduced to Spyce kitchens through a common friend four years ago and since then there has been no looking out for another vendor for kitchens. In this competitive field of construction, with every nook and corner having a kitchen vendor offering throw away prices, Murali and his team stands tall with professionalism, integrity and being ambitious. When work is handed over to Spyce kitchens, I am rest assured that even an inch of detail is taken care of with precision to the clients’ needs and satisfaction. I can completely trust their team to represent our company professionally with our clients. Their after sale service is unmatched and pretty quick. They speak what they do and do what they speak. My best wishes to Spyce kitchens for their future endeavours.

Warm Regards

Ar. Anupama